Whenever possible we archive past project presentations that were livestreamed or video archived.

France - Grand Ouest

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Workshop #1

StoryCode Grand Ouest Workshop #1 Highlights

A short video highlighting the various components of the StoryCode Grand Ouest Workshop #1.
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New York City

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Directing for VR - Part 1

Directing for VR

Inspiration from Immersive Theater

Directing for VR - Part 1play

Directing for VR - Part 2

David Gochfeld / HamletVR

David Gochfeld presents his experience in Interaction Design, physical interaction and storytelling in VR.

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Directing for VR - Q&A

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February 2017 Forum

Adi Marom / Second Story

Once Upon a Place: Storytelling in Physical Spaces

February 2017 Forumplay

July 2016 Forum - Part 1

YES - A Mid-Production VR Case Study

Learn about a VR production in the midst of the production process.
July 2016 Forum - Part 1play

July 2016 Forum - Part 2

YES - A Mid-Production VR Case Study

Learn about a VR production in the midst of the production process

July 2016 Forum - Part 2play

June 2016 Forum

Masuma Ahuja / Social Storytelling at CNN

Masuma Ahuja of CNN shares her work.

June 2016 Forumplay

May 2015 Forum - Part 1

Wolf359 Present TEMPING

TEMPING is a theatrical adaptation of the mortality tables used by insurance companies to calculate how long people will live. These tables are commonly used in many industries, although most people will never see them. We start with the idea, what if your job was to update these tables? What if you saw your own number?

May 2015 Forum - Part 1play

May 2015 Forum - Part 2 (Q&A)

Wolf359 Present TEMPING

TEMPING is a theatrical adaptation of the mortality tables used by insurance companies to calculate how long people will live. These tables are commonly used in many industries, although most people will never see them. We start with the idea, what if your job was to update these tables? What if you saw your own number?

May 2015 Forum - Part 2 (Q&A)play

StoryCode at NYFF

Chapter Heads discuss the state of Immersive/Interactive Media

StoryCode Chapter Heads from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC discuss the state of immersive/interactive media in their respective chapters at the 53rd annual New York Film Festival. 

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December 2015 Forum

Gabo Arora and Socrates Kakoulides present the United Nations’ Virtual Reality Series

The United Nations Millennium Campaign created the Virtual Reality Series to bring the world's most pressing challenges home to decision makers and global citizens around the world, pushing the bounds of empathy. Building upon its mandate to amplify the voices of those who are often unheard, particularly the world's most vulnerable, the project seeks to show the human story behind development challenges identified by millions of people around the world.

By showcasing VR experiences the UNMC is trying to help people with the power to make a difference have a deeper understanding of their world, and to hopefully act to make a difference. In addition to showcasing the VR experience at high-level UN meetings, the UNMC is working with partners to create advocacy platforms, awareness and fundraising campaigns.

For the December StoryCode NYC Forum Gabo and Socrates presented two projects from the VR Series: Clouds Over Sidra and Waves of Grace.

Video Credits : Glenn McClanan

December 2015 Forumplay

October 2015 Forum

Sam Lavigne presents his work (mix of Data, Surveillance and Automation)

Sam Lavigne is an artist, programmer and journalist based in Brooklyn NY. His work deals with data, cops, surveillance and automation. He is currently a research fellow at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, and a contributing editor at the New Inquiry. In 2015 he co-founded Useless Press, an independent online publisher of esoteric internet projects. He is also the co-founder of the Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

Video Credits : Glenn McClanan

October 2015 Forumplay

September 2015 Forum

Mike Robbins Presents Works of HELIOS DESIGN LABS - Part 1

Mike and Helios Design Labs have helped create a number of the most significant interactive documentary projects released over the past few years. Its recent project After the Storm, was launched with the Washington Post and Helios frequently partners with the National Film Board of Canada. In this video series Mike shares his inspiriations, perspectives, and processes for creating great interacive work. 

Video Credits : Glenn McClanan

September 2015 Forumplay

September 2015 Forum

Mike Robbins Presents Works of HELIOS DESIGN LABS - Part 2

Mike and Helios Design Labs have helped create a number of the most significant interactive documentary projects released over the past few years. Its recent project After the Storm, was launched with the Washington Post and Helios frequently partners with the National Film Board of Canada. In this video series Mike shares his inspiriations, perspectives, and processes for creating great interacive work. 

Video Credits : Glenn McClanan

September 2015 Forumplay

June 2015 Forum

Lam Thuy Vo Presents LOVING LONG-DISTANCE, interactive love storytelling.

Loving Long-Distance is a project that explores the stories we tell each other to make long-distance relationships work. An interactive series and app telling the stories of individuals who attempt to bridge physical distances with written and verbal accounts. The series started with the story a Vietnamese couple in the 1970s and their 9-year-long letter exchange between war-torn Saigon, Vietnam, and Hannover, Germany.

Video Credits
Editor: Maggie Cai
Camera : Mark Himler, Maggie Cai
PA: Mariah Summers
Producer : John Carluccio

CINQUA  | www.cinqua.com
Instagram: @cinqua5
Twitter: @cinqua5
Facebook: cinqua

June 2015 Forumplay

October 2014 Forum

Topaz Adizes & Nathan Phillips present THE AND

"What would you do if I cheated on you?" This is only one of the provocative questions asked in the fascinating interactive experience THE AND, which explores relationships, communication, and how we connect to each other. Each audience member views a different short film — roughly a minute and a half long — based on answers to four questions posed at the beginning of the experience.

Created by The Skin Deep in collaboration with Noise and director Topaz Adizes, the project has been hailed in the media as a new and radical approach to having difficult relationship conversations.

Key take-aways include:

  • In the "always on" world of internet video, sometimes silence is golden. Too often we forget this.
  • Editing for a film that is compiled on the fly is very different from one that is linear
  • To grab the attention of a digital user drop them into the middle of the action, immediately 
October 2014 Forumplay

September 2014 Forum

Shannon Carroll presents SOUTHSIDE STORIES

SOUTHSIDE STORIES is a moving audiowalk that takes participants into the streets of South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This project is part of Living Los Sures, a UnionDocs Collaborative Production. The UnionDocs Collaborative Studio is a one-year program for a group of emerging media artists from the US and abroad. Learn more at http://uniondocs.org.

Key take-aways include:

  • Working within the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio provided an amazing network of connections to various subjects to interview
  • Shannon and her team took a lot of time just observing the patterns of the locations so they could include these in the script of the walk
  • Recording Binaural Audio isn't that difficult or expensive and it can add a great level of audio immersion into your work
  • Don't get too bogged down in your project where you neglect to develop a solid rollout/marketing plan
  • Live events are a great way to unlock digital experiences...and make them repeatable
September 2014 Forumplay

July 2014 Forum

Jake Price presents UNKNOWN SPRING

Unknown Spring is a moving interactive documentary that tells the story of the devastation left in the wake of the of the Pacific tsunami that hit coastal Japan. In this StoryCode Forum Jake Price shares his experience creating the work.

Key take-aways include: 

  • Story Hackathons are really effective in quickly making meaningful progress on a project.
  • A chapter-based organization of content allowed the rollout to occur during time and development could occur sequentially while some of the earlier chapters were live. 
  • Fundraising is more likely to succeed when you have a working/live version of the project.
  • As a filmmaker you don't need to learn how to code but you should be comfortable with it so you can communicate more effectively with Creative Technologists
July 2014 Forumplay

May 2014 Forum

A.F. Cortés presents MANIFESTO & Ed Purver presents ESI DESIGN

MANIFESTO is a multiscreen + branded entertainment TV show produced by TurnerTV, discovering the latest trends in fashion, music, arts, design and film throughout Latin America and the world.

From large scale physical experience design at Barclay's Center to games in public spaces ESI DESIGN is a leader in immersive, technology driven environments that create engagement.

May 2014 Forumplay

February 2014 Forum

Luisa Dantas & Ada McMahon present LAND OF OPPORTUNITY

Rooted in post-Katrina New Orleans, Land of Opportunity is an ongoing exploration of the often contentious process of community redevelopment in the face of crisis/disaster. The Land of Opportunity interactive web platform merges compelling multimedia storytelling with curated data, research, and calls to action in one experimental collaborative space.

February 2014 Forumplay

January 2014 Forum


For the StoryCode New York City 2014 Forum Garrett Nantz of LUXURIOUS ANIMALS presents their work, specifically the very cool interactive film Silence The Shadows. 

January 2014 Forumplay

November 2013 Forum

Jake Barton / LOCAL PROJECTS & Elina Arponen / DRAMAGAME

Jake Barton presents LOCAL PROJECTS and Elina Arponen presents DRAMAGAME.

November 2013 Forumplay

October 2013 Forum

Sue Shardt / LOCALLORE and Michael Watson / PANDEM INC.

Sue Schardt discusses Air's most recent endeavor, LOCALORE. Michael Watson and Nick Ljubicich present TO FALL AND TO BE FREE.

October 2013 Forumplay

September 2013 Forum

Elaine McMillion / HOLLOW and Nick DeMartino / THEATRICS

Elaine McMillion presents HOLLOW (an Interactive Documentary) and Nick DeMartino presents THEATRICS (a cloud-based system that allows show creators to create and manage a story environment in which audience members can create characters, respond to story prompts, engage and share their content).

September 2013 Forumplay

July Forum 2013

Sarah Wolozin / MIT OPEN DOC LAB & Wesley Grubbs / PITCH INTERACTIVE

Sarah Wolozin and Katie Edgerton present MIT's Open Documentary Lab and Wesley Grubbs presents Pitch Interactive / Drones (Out of Site, Out of Mind).

July Forum 2013play

June Forum 2013

Julie Babb / BOUT

Julie Babb Presents BOUT - a Social Photo Sharing game.

June Forum 2013play

May 2013 Forum

Ryan Jones & Mark Catalano / DADAAB STORIES

Ryan Jones & Mark Catalano Present DADAAB STORIES; bonus: BACKSPAC.ES & DJEHOUTI

May 2013 Forumplay

April 2013 Forum

James Carter / NY_HEARTS & Jon Vidar STORIESFROM.US

Just four days into launching this immersive NYC experience, director James Carter brings a hot-off-the-presses look at his innovative location-based project NY_Hearts. Jon Vidar from StoriesFrom.us also presented but his presentation is cutoff at the end - the camera failed. Sorry Jon!

April 2013 Forumplay

March 2013 Forum

Adnaan Wasey / POV DIGITAL

Presenting is POV's Adnaan Wasey -- the mind behind the POV Hackathon and other initiatives aiming to re-invent documentary for the web. The director of POV Digital, the Webby Award-winning interactive department of the acclaimed PBS documentary series POV, Adnaan is also the owner of the software company Science Bistro.

March 2013 Forumplay

January 2013 Forum

Marisa Jahn / REV-

Since 2000, REV- has engineered imaginative approaches to advancing cultural equity using constituency-led campaigns for social justice, youth media arts, research & development, and activities that trammel the boundaries between the printed word and public sphere.

January 2013 Forumplay

November 2012 Forum

Ari Kuschnir / MSSNG PECES

We're excited to have Ari Kuschnir present a groundbreaking music video by the super innovative Silver Lion Award-winning company he heads up called M SS NG P ECES. The music video 'Met Before' is a choose-your-own-path music video for the band Chairlift and directed by Jordan Fish.

November 2012 Forumplay

November 2012 Forum

Hide & Seek / THE BOND GAME

For fans hungry for the premiere of Skyfall, this game was created to whet their appetites. The premise is simple—MI6 is looking for a few good recruits. And it's called the British Intelligence Officers Exam. In this StoryCode Forum Margaret Robertson and Mark Harris share the project.

November 2012 Forumplay

August 2012 Forum


Fictional characters on Twitter are cropping up as a fascinating way of extending narrative from other platforms, and creating a continued and immersive fan experience. This meetup showcases the people behind two famous fictional characters: Betty Draper on MAD MEN, and the team behind upcoming indie film SAVING LINCOLN.

August 2012 Forumplay

August 2012 Forum

Jesse Redniss USA Network / HASHTAG KILLER

Jesse Redniss is senior vice president, digital, for USA Network where he spearheads the channel's Social TV initiatives, technology innovations, monetization strategies and content development for its digital properties. In this StoryCode Forum he shares some of the most innovative immersive media efforts happening on mainstream TV networks.

August 2012 Forumplay

July 2012 Forum


Mikhael Tara Garver is an immersive theater director who created Fornicated From The Beatles, a love song to American pop, a performance of simultaneous surround- sound stories, a rousing dance party, and a look into the lives of 10 music fans - all from the generation after the generation that fell into bed to the songs of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, a generation searching for its own undeniable song.

July 2012 Forumplay

June 2012 Forum


StoryCode is proud to present some of the brightest new minds in the immersive media space - innovators at the cutting edge of tech, story and media: Current students in NYU's ITP program. A showcase of 4 recent projects, this overview shows what's possible and how they did it.

June 2012 Forumplay

May 2012 Forum

Jay Ferguson / GUIDESTONES

Can a mysterious monument hold the key to humanity's future? This is the question viewers will be able to answer when they sign-up for Guidestones, an interactive web series that tells the story of of two journalism students who uncover a global conspiracy while investigating an unsolved murder. This StoryCode Forum is a presentation by Guidestone's writer/director Jay Ferguson.

May 2012 Forumplay

May 2012 Forum

Lisa Rutherford / COLILOQUY

Lisa Rutherford, Co-Founder and CEO presents Coliloquy, a technology platform that helps authors create episodic content, branching narratives, and interactive environments that deepen reader engagement.

May 2012 Forumplay

May 2012 Forum

PunchDrunk / SLEEP NO MORE

Punchdrunk has pioneered a game-changing form of immersive theatre since the year 2000, in which roaming audiences experience epic and emotional storytelling inside sensory theatrical worlds. They focus as much on the audience and the performance space as on the performers and narrative. Punchdrunk's designers occupy deserted buildings and apply a cinematic level of details to immersive the audience in the world of the show.

Now, PunchDrunk the theater company that created the insanely popular SLEEP NO MORE, has teamed up with the MIT Media Lab to create a unique type of immersive teleperformance in conjunction with the New York production of their popular theatrical experience. This project pairs online participants with members of the live audience during performances to actively experience a unique version of the show through a variety of media.

Watch as Peter Higgin and Colin Nightingale present these innovative projects.

May 2012 Forumplay

April 2012 Forum

Jay Bennett / TOTALLY AMP'D

In a clever (and montetizable!) hybrid between web series and app, TOTALLY AMP'D is a mobile-only series created by Smokebomb Entertainment. This presentation is an exploration with Jay Bennett, who talks about creating the first App of its kind for the underserved tween mobile entertainment market. Tons of insights in this presentation.

April 2012 Forumplay

March 2012 Forum

Greg Trefry / COME OUT & PLAY

For the first time, STORYCODE hosts a deep dive into games, gaming mechanics and game design led by GREG TREFRY, the co-founder of COME OUT & PLAY, the innovative festival of street games that turns New York City & San Francisco into a giant playground every year.

March 2012 Forumplay

February 2012 Forum

Mallika Dutt & Heidi Boisvert / AMERICA 2049

Human rights are in peril, democracy in the dust. You: an agent of the Council on American Heritage, sent to capture mysterious fugitive Ken Asaba--and into high-risk situations that challenge you to ask: What if? How close are we already to America 2049? America 2049 is a Facebook game, reaching beyond the world's most popular social network to include other social media, fictional websites, historical artifacts, real-life events, and Hollywood celebrities.

In this StoryCode Forum Mallika Dutt & Heidi Boisvert present the innovative project.

February 2012 Forumplay

November 2011 Forum


Lina Srivastava presents a discussion of Transmedia in Emerging Markets. Lina Srivastava leads a fireside chat with producers actively working in that space. Focusing on transmedia/integrated media strategy and the potential for its use in business, film and activism, Lina will present case studies from Africa.

November 2011 Forumplay

October 2011 Forum

Frank Rose / THE ART OF IMMERSION & Sylvain Leroux / FANFAN2

The first in a series led by THE ART OF IMMERSION author Frank Rose, this meetup features Frank in conversation with Transmedia Storyteller Nate Goldman whose story is documented in the book.

The second half of this meetup features Sylvain Leroux presenting Fanfan2, a transmedia collaboration between author Alexandre Jardin and Orange France. A romantic drama which played out across multiple platforms, this pioneering transmedia project was made widely available to audiences in France.

October 2011 Forumplay

September 2011 Forum

Gyda Arber presents Red Cloud Rising

Gyda Arber presents her innovative Immersive Theater show Red Cloud Rising.

September 2011 Forumplay

July 2011 Forum

Joel McConvey presents National Parks Project

Joel McConvey is a one of the creators of The National Parks Project (NPP), a transmedia exploration of the link between nature and creativity, produced in part to celebrate the centennial of Parks Canada. The genesis of NPP was a series of trips to 13 national parks across Canada, one in every province and territory. Each trip included a different group of three musicians and one filmmaker, whose task was to collaborate on a short film and soundtrack that captured their collective impression of the landscape. The resulting 13 films have been released to film festivals worldwide, and are available (in Canada) for streaming at nationalparksproject.ca, an immersive online portal that also lets users watch behind-the-scenes footage, listen to music from the parks, view photos and read information about the featured parks and artists.

The project also includes a full length CD & LP of original songs written and recorded in the park, 7 digital EPs of bonus music, a documentary series currently airing on Discovery Canada, and a series of live events combining live performance and mixed visuals. All of the elements are designed to work together holistically to create a complete transmedia adventure that mirrors the exploratory experience of visiting a real park; users navigate different "trails" through each virtual park to see how interconnectedness in nature provides a model for transmedia doc storytelling.

July 2011 Forumplay

June 2011 Forum

Scott Lindenbaum presents Broadcastr

Scott Lindenbaum is the Co-Founder of Electric Literature, a new publishing company that uses digital media and device-based distribution to keep literature a vital part of popular culture, and Broadcastr, an application for the iPhone and Android that creates meaningful, intimate, immersive experiences around place by using location-aware mobile technology and the human voice.

June 2011 Forumplay

May 2011 Forum

Socks Incorporated

Jim Babb and Julie Coniglio present Socks Incorporated.

Socks Incorporated was born from the idea that there should be an Alternate Reality Game for families that is casual, fun, and scalable. In this browser game, players must complete real-world missions with their sock puppet avatar and submit multimedia proof. You've heard of World of Warcraft... well, this is World of Sockcraft!

May 2011 Forumplay

April 2011 Forum

James Carter Presents FEEDER: A LOVE STORY & Lance Weiler Presents PANDEMIC

James Carter presents Feeder: A Love Story - a transmedia theatrical event, incorporating live video from a web camera and computer on stage, and internet video blogging.

Lance Weiler & Mark Harris present PANDEMIC - a storyworld experience that spans film, mobile, online, social gaming and data visualization. Participants online worked with those on the ground at the Sundance Film Festival to stop the spread of a strange sleep virus.

April 2011 Forumplay

February 2011 Forum

Caitlin Burns Presents JURASSIC PARK SLOPE

Caitlin Burns presents Jurassic Park Slope - a new narrative media experiment, where walking tours of Brooklyn are intermingled with smart phone applications, traditional short film narrative, public art, music/dance live event experiences, and DIY how-to's.

February 2011 Forumplay

France - Paris

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StoryCode #10

David Dufresne present FORT MCMONEY

Check out the Livestream archive of the 1 year anniversary of StoryCode featuring David Dufresne (Fort McMoney), Alexander Knetig (Arte), Florent Maurin (Thepixelhunt) and Djamil Kemal (Goshaba).

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San Francisco

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December 2013 Forum

Daniel Burwen / OPERATION AJAX

For StoryCode San Francisco's inaugural event Daniel Burwen of Cognito Comics presented OPERATION AJAX. This interactive graphic novel tells the true story of a CIA operative in post-WWII Iran and has been called "One of the coolest media experiences on the iPad" by the New York Times. Daniel cracks open his team's creative process, detailing strategies and lessons learned.

December 2013 Forumplay

France - Toulouse

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Do new technologies tell better stories ?

Voyelle Acker, Camille Duvelleroy, Amaury La Burthe, and Philippe Aussel share their experiences with us.
Do new technologies tell better stories ?play